Lin Cheah – Google Review

Lin Cheah. Local Guide · 15 reviews · 24 photos 4 months ago Unlike other places who just wants to suck your money and fill everything with mistakes, Drim is very professional and caring to the clients. They will always go through every details before anything is being done. Highly recommended if you want a representative. Google Map – … More Lin Cheah – Google Review

Minamin- Google Review

Minamin9 reviews · 1 photo 2 weeks ago Best PR agent in Vancouver.Daniel’s work is detailed, honest, personalized, yet cheerful. I’ve talked w several immigration agents in downtown, Vancouver, and finally found the right one. I’m now Permanent Resident . There is no harm to meet more agents, and you gotta visit Drim at lease once and … More Minamin- Google Review

Holy Family – Google Review

Holy Family1 review A week ago 최고의 이민 상담관(공식 ICCRC: Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council)으로 자신있게 추천드립니다. 제 경우 저 혼자 Express entry를 준비하다가 캐나다 내에서 Employment에 관한 애매한 상황이 있어 혼자서는 도저히 진행할 엄두가 나지 않아 중간에 consultation을 부탁드린 케이스 였습니다. 5 군데의 이민공사에 모두 문의 해 봤는데, 제 경우는 같은 케이스가 이전에는 … More Holy Family – Google Review